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The Future of

Health & Wellness Re-Defined

Specialising in understanding and treating the root of the problem.

Welcome to KD Yamasaki, where innovation intersects with wellness in a symphony of transformative healthcare solutions. Founded on the fundamentals of redefining the industry's standards, we are dedicated to addressing the fundamental origins of health issues, not merely alleviating their symptoms.

Our pioneering non-invasive medical technologies, backed by cutting-edge research and development, cater to individuals of all ages, ensuring access to optimal health and vitality. From expectant mothers to seasoned athletes, our comprehensive suite of pain-free treatments harmonizes with the body's innate healing capabilities, fostering holistic wellness and peak performance.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and global accessibility, we spearhead the provision of practitioner-friendly solutions across the globe. Experience the integration of Artificial Intelligence into our technology, empowering practitioners with enhanced treatment precision and effectiveness for a more impactful healing journey. Join us on this visionary journey at KD Yamasaki, where the intersection of innovation and wellness ignites a brighter, healthier future.

Welcome to a realm where seeing truly is believing. Explore our story, mission, vision, and values to witness firsthand the revolution shaping the future of healthcare on a global scale.

Where Innovation Meets Wellness


Our News

  • Sigma Instruments is now a fully-owned subsidiary of KD Yamasaki.

  • Our Yamaski systems address & help treat various Musculoskeletal, Neurological, and Visceral conditions, and provide Spinal Adjustments & Body Alignments.

  • Our cutting-edge medical devices now integrate Artificial Intelligence to enhance treatment efficacy and precision.

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